Alba Argerich

Alba Argerich, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. 2010, University of Barcelona (Spain)


  • Effects of land use on water quality.
  • Functional processes in aquatic ecosystems - nutrient cycling, respiration, and primary production.
  • Ecology of the hyporheic zone.
  • Aquatic biogeochemistry.

Research Summary

  • Argerich is an aquatic scientist interested in understanding the effects of land use on water quality and ecosystem integrity using experimental and modeling approaches. Her current projects include an analysis of the use of different bioengineering techniques to restore water quality in nutrient-loaded streams, the study of natural variability and trends of aquatic nutrients in reference streams, and an experimental analysis of the effects of contemporary forest practices on water quality and quantity.


  • Watershed Management and Water Quality
  • Stream Ecology

Selected Publications