Study Abroad Experiences

Drew Dittmer

Drew Dittmer
Drew E. Dittmer and his T.A. Guido Saborio with an adult spectacled caiman caught for Drew’s final research project.

Saying that studying abroad in Costa Rica was the best decision I ever made would be an understatement. The experiences and knowledge I acquired were all so intoxicatingly amazing that I literally think about them every day.

My personal experience with choosing a study abroad program was great. I collaborated with Roy Robinson, CAFNR Study Abroad director, and the International Center to search out a program that really matched what I wanted.

Roy showed me a few Web sites that allowed me to search through a database of known study abroad programs. The advisers in the International Center helped me with funding options and credit transfers.

My first suggestion to anyone wanting to study abroad is not to rush it. Take your time, and identify what you want your experience to highlight. For me, I wanted a program that highlighted biology and ecology with plenty of time in the field. I don't think I could have picked a more perfect program.

There might have been more famous and rigorous programs out there, but the places and experiences that I had were so unique that I feel I made the perfect decision.

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