Study Abroad Experiences

Christine Tew

Christine Tew
Left to right: Meghan Fitzpatrick, Allison McCluskey, Cameron Bennett and Christine Tew

Applying for a passport was the scariest part.

Beginning my freshman year at MU, I probably could not have explained study abroad to anyone else. Less than two years later, I rolled color-coordinated luggage through the Kansas City International airport, to a plane headed for the border.

When the opportunity to study natural resources management in western Canada dropped into my lap, I stopped over-analyzing my options and enrolled.

During my Canadian excursion, I developed a curiosity about other cultures, as well as the desire to make small talk with customs agents across the globe, ensuring my bags will not be unpacked for long.

Experiences from climbing all 2,281 feet of Sulphur Mountain in Banff to ordering sushi by the boat in Calgary's Chinatown aren't easily replicated in the midwest. Study abroad was a social education beyond anything I have experienced in a lecture hall.

After arriving at MU, it took two months for me to figure out that I wanted to study abroad, and 14 more to pick a destination. The wait was worth it.

And the paperwork for my passport was still the scariest part.