Forestry Academics

Forestry education at the University of Missouri focuses on sustainable management of forests for biodiversity, productivity, wildlife habitat and soil and water resources using a multidisciplinary approach.

Forestry graduates help answer major environmental challenges involving forest health, climate change, biodiversity, forest policy and sustainable and resource management. A degree in forestry may lead to a career as a resource forester for state or federal agencies, an urban forester, a forestry consultant, or private industry.

The Department of Forestry's educational goals are to provide strong professional preparation with a broad general education, and the opportunity to explore special interests and emphasis areas within Forestry. The School of Natural Resources offers a bachelor of science in forestry degree (B.S.F.) at the undergraduate level, accredited by the Society of American Foresters. The master's of science (M.S.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees are offered at the Graduate level.

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