Forestry Undergraduate Program

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF): Emphasis Areas Offered:

  • Forest Resource Management
  • Urban Forestry
  • Forest Resource Entrepreneurship and Business
  • Individualized Studies (self-designed curriculum)

Dual Degrees:

Dual B.S. Environmental Science / Forestry

The Forestry Department and the SEAS Department offer a dual B.S. degree in Environmental Science and Forestry. Individuals interested in ecology, environmental quality, and management of forested ecosystems may wish to choose the dual major offered jointly through the Environmental Science Program and the Department of Forestry. From the laboratory to the classroom to the field, this program will expose students to science necessary to manage Earth’s critical zone (bedrock to treetops) with emphasis on forested ecosystems. This dual degree program requires 136 credits (PDF) to graduate, including 25 credits of Environmental Science course work, 31 credits of Forestry course work, and 17 credits of Natural Resource-related courses.

Dual B.S. Forestry / B.S. Fisheries & Wildlife

The Forestry Department and the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife offer a dual B.S. degree program that has been designed for the natural resources specialist who may explore careers in the increasing integrated disciplines of forestry, wildlife and fisheries. This dual degree program requires 140 credits (PDF) to graduate.

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