Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships

F&W Students,

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences awards about 15 scholarships each year, ranging from a possible ~$6,000 for the largest to about $200 for the smallest, with some based on scholastic achievement and others based on need, talent or potential.

Some scholarships have very specific requirements, including class rank, GPA, and extracurricular activities. Some require an up-to-date FAFSA, and some even have narrow residence preferences, which automatically exclude many students from consideration, regardless of GPA or other qualifications, so try not to be discouraged when the announcements are made. You might qualify the following year.

The Charles Schwartz Art Scholarship, potentially $4000, is awarded for wildlife art. If you have an artistic talent, show it off. This gift has been awarded to a wide range of media, including photography, watercolor paintings, sculpture, and even jewelry. Please present your artwork in a professional format – no loose photos or unlabeled work. For instance, 1–4 of your finest photos matted or framed is preferable to an entire photo album of pictures. The recipient of this award has the honor of designing the scholarship bulletin board outside room 303-S. Original artwork may be incorporated into the design.

Make sure your resume is worded and arranged professionally. For some specific ideas and guidelines please see the CAFNR website, CAFNR Career Services, Hire Mizzou Tigers or google "scientific resumes" for examples to follow.

Best of Luck,

The Scholarship Committee