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Meet the Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences Faculty

Anthony Lupo, Ph.D.

Anthony Lupo, Ph.D.

Atmospheric Science


  • A.S. 1986, Cayuga County Community College, Auburn, N.Y., Mathematics/Science
  • B.S. 1988, State University of New York at Oswego, Oswego, N.Y., Meteorology
  • M.S. 1991, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., Atmospheric Science
  • Ph.D. 1995, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., Atmospheric Science


  • AS-1050, Introductory Meteorology
  • AS-4800 and 7800, Numerical Methods in AS
  • AS-4310 and 7310, Atmos. Thermodynamics
  • AS-4320 and 7320, Atmos. Dynamics
  • AS-4600, Long-Range Forecasting
  • AS-4800, Numerical Methods in AS and NR
  • AS-8400, Theory of the General Circulation
  • AS-8600, Advanced Climate Dynamics
  • AS-9300, Introduction to Chaos Theory
  • AS-9350, Advanced Dynamic Meteorology

Selected Publications

  • Stambaugh, M.C., R. P. Guyette, E. R. McMurry, E.R. Cook, D.M. Meko, and A.R. Lupo, 2010:
    Drought duration and frequency in the U.S. Corn Belt during the last millennium (AD 992 - 2004). Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, in press.
  • Lupo, A.R., 2011:
    Interannual and Interdecadal variability in hurricane activity. Hurricane Research, ISBN 978-953-7619-X-X, Intech Publishers, Vienna. (Book Chapter) Lupo, A.R. Book editor.
  • Hussain, A., and A.R. Lupo, 2010:
    Scale and stability analysis of blocking events from 2002-2004: A case study of an unusually persistent blocking event leading to a heat wave in the Gulf of Alaska during August 2004. Advances in Meteorology, Volume 2010, Article ID 610263, 15 pages doi:10.1155/2010/610263.
  • Moon, J.T., P.E. Guinan, D. J. Snider, and A.R. Lupo, 2009:
    CoCoRaHs in Missouri: Four years later, the importance of observations. Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science, 43, 7-18.
  • Grathwohl, K.T., A.R. Lupo, and P. S. Market, 2009:
    A Possible Heat Island Effect from a Small Rural Community. Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science, 43, 1 - 6.
  • Birk, K., A.R. Lupo, P.E. Guinan, and C.E. Barbieri, 2010:
    The interannual variability of Midwestern temperatures and precipitation as related to the ENSO and PDO. Atmofera, 23, 95 - 128.
  • Lupo, A.R. (Contributing Author Ch 6 only), 2009:
    Heartland Institute, 2009: Climate Change Reconsidered: The Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), edited by Craig Idso, Ph.D., and S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. (released 2 June 2009)- 2%.
  • Wang, Y., and A.R. Lupo, 2009:
    An extra-tropical Air-Sea Interaction over the North Pacific in Association with a preceding El Nino Episode in Early Summer. Monthly Weather Review, 137, 3771 - 3785.
  • Market, P.S., G. Dolif Neto, A.E. Becker, B.P. Pettegrew, C.J. Melick, C.J. Schultz, P. I. Buckley, J.V. Clark, A.R. Lupo, R. Holle, N. Demetriades, and C. Barbieri 2009:
    A Comparison of Two Cases of Low-Latitude Thundersnow. Atmosfera, 22, 331- 356.
  • Buckley, P. I., P.S. Market, A.R. Lupo, and N.I. Fox, 2008:
    COHIX: Further studies of the heat island associated with a small Midwestern city. Atms. Sci. Lett., 194, 226 - 230. DOI: 10.1002/asl.194
  • Lupo, A.R., T. Hagen, J. Glisan, E. Aldrich, P.E. Guinan, and P.S. Market, 2009:
    The presentation of precipitation information in television broadcasts: What is normal? Nat. Wea. Dig., 32, 155-164.
  • Tilly, D.E., A.R. Lupo, and C.J. Melick, P.S. Market, 2008:
    Calculated height tendencies in a Southern Hemisphere blocking and cyclone event: The contribution of diabatic heating to block intensification. Monthly Weather Review, 136, 3568-3578 .
  • Lupo, A.R., 2008:
    Reply to: "In Defense of a Theory of Anthropogenic Global warming". Journal of Missouri Medicine, 105:3, 186.
  • Lupo, A.R., 2008:
    Anthropogenic Global Warming: A Skeptical point of view. (An invited review article for): Journal of Missouri Medicine, 105:2, 22-26.
  • Lupo, A.R., T.K. Latham, T. Magill, J.V. Clark, C.J. Melick, and P.S. Market, 2008:
    The Interannual Variability of Hurricane Activity in the Atlantic and East Pacific Regions. National Weather Digest, Nat. Wea. Dig., 32:2 119-135.
  • Melick, C.J., L.L. Smith, B.P. Pettegrew, A.E. Becker, P.S. Market, and A.R. Lupo, 2008:
    Investigation of Stability Characteristics of cold-season convective precipitation events by utilizing the growth rate parameter. JGR Atmospheres, 113, D08108, doi:10.1029/2007JD009063, 2008.
  • Zuki, Md. Z., and A.R. Lupo, 2008:
    The interannual variability of tropical cyclone activity in the southern South China Sea. J. Geophys. Res., 113, D06106, doi:10.1029/2007JD009218- 14 pp.
  • Lupo, A.R., E. P. Kelsey, D.K. Weitlich, N.A. Davis, and P.S. Market, 2008:
    Using the monthly classification of global SSTs and 500 hPa height anomalies to predict temperature and precipitation regimes one to two seasons in advance for the mid-Mississippi region. National Weather Digest, 32:1, 11-33.
  • Foltz, C.S., Lack, S.A., Fox, N.I., Lupo, A.R., Hasheider, R.J., 2007:
    The First Conference on Advancing Renewables in the Midwest. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 88, 1097 - 1099.
  • Market, P.S., N.I. Fox, B.P. Pettegrew, and Anthony R. Lupo, 2007:
    Second Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting Issues in the Central United States. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 88, 1795-1798. (40%)
  • Lupo, A.R., I.I. Mokhov, S. Dostoglou, A.R. Kunz, and J. P. Burkhardt, 2007:
    Оценка влияния процессов планетарного масштаба с анализом фазовых траекторий и энстрофии на распад блокингов (Translated: The impact of the planetary scale on the decay of blocking and the use of phase diagrams and enstrophy as a diagnostic). Izvestiya, Atms-Oc., 43, 1 - 8. (In English version: pages 45-51)
  • Lupo, A.R., Kelsey, E.P., D.K. Weitlich, I.I. Mokhov, F.A. Akyuz, Guinan, P.E., J.E. Woolard, 2007:
    Interannual and interdecadal variability in the predominant Pacific Region SST anomaly patterns and their impact on a local climate. Atmosfera, 20, 171- 196.
  • Grathwohl, K., S. Scheiner, L. Brandt, and A.R. Lupo, 2006:
    Analysis of Weather Data Collected From Two Locations in a Small Urban Community. Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science, 40, 50 - 55.
  • Luo, D., and A.R. Lupo, 2007:
    Dynamics of eddy-driven low-frequency dipole modes. Part II: Free mode characteristics of NAO and diagnostic study. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 64, 3 - 28.
  • Luo, D., A.R. Lupo, and H. Wan 2007:
    Dynamics of eddy-driven low-frequency dipole modes. Part I: A simple model of North Atlantic Oscillations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 64, 29 - 51.
  • Market, P.S., A. M. Oravetz, D. Gaede, E. Bookbinder, A.R. Lupo, C. J. Melick, L. L. Smith, R. Thomas, R. Redburn, B. P. Pettegrew, and A. E. Becker, 2006:
    Proximity Soundings of Thundersnow in the Central United States. Journal Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 111, D19208-19217.
  • Barriopedro, D., R. Garcia-Herrera, A.R. Lupo, and E. Hernandez, 2006:
    A climatology of Northern Hemisphere Blocking. Journal of Climate, 19, 1042-1063.
  • Lupo, A.R., D. Albert, R. Hearst, P.S. Market, F. Adnan Akyuz, and C.L. Allmeyer, 2005:
    Interannual Variability of Snowfall Events and Snowfall-to-Liquid Water Equivalents in Southwest Missouri. National Weather Digest, 29, 13-24.