Extension Programs – One Sky, Many Horizons

Extension programs in the School of Natural Resources are dedicated to help all Missourians not only sustain, but enhance the Show-Me State’s diverse and rich natural resources. From prairies and savannahs, to open woodlands and dense Ozark forests, to our vast network of streams and lakes, we offer a wide array of education and citizen scientist opportunities. It does not matter if you are young or old, living in a rural community or large metropolitan area, we have something for you!

Extension Personnel

Hank Stelzer
Robert Pierce
Pat Guinan
Sarah Haven

Program Links

Missouri Master Naturalist
Master Pollinator Steward
Missouri Woodland Steward
Missouri Climate Center
Soil Health Assessment Center
Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program
Center for Agroforestry
Missouri Tree-Ring Laboratory
Oak Woodlands and Forests Fire Consortium