Forestry Graduate Program

Graduate research programs leading to the MS or PhD in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Forestry are designed to prepare students for careers in academic institutions, consulting firms, industry, and state and federal agencies.

Forestry graduates interested in research or teaching may concentrate much of their course work in one or more of the related sciences with a thesis appropriate to forestry. Dissertation research may be directed toward the solution of problems faced by the practicing forester or may consist of fundamental investigations pertinent to the solution of such problems.

Specialized graduate education is available in agroforestry, biometrics, community and landscape ecology, economics, entomology, fire ecology, hydrology, geographic information systems, physiological ecology, physiology, policy, silviculture, soils, forest management, stand dynamics, water quality, wood quality and tree-ring analysis.

Students often conduct joint research with natural resource specialists at the Northern Research Station (U.S. Forest Service), the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)

NIFA Forestry Fellowship

Core Participating Faculty

  • Francisco X. Aguilar, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Noel Aloysius, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Mark V. Coggeshall, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
  • Michael A. Gold, PhD, Research Professor
  • Hong S. He, PhD, Professor
  • Shibu Jose, PhD, Associate Dean, CAFNR Office of Research and Extension
  • Benjamin O. Knapp, PhD, Associate Professor
  • David R. Larsen, PhD, Professor
  • Chung-ho Lin, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
  • Michael C. Stambaugh, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • H. E. “Hank” Stelzer, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Jeffrey D. Wood, PhD, Assistant Professor

Cooperative and Adjunct Faculty

  • Dan Dey, PhD, Cooperative Assistant Professor
  • John Kabrick, PhD, Cooperative Assistant Professor
  • Lauren S. Pile, PhD, Assistant Cooperative Professor