Parks, Recreation and Tourism Graduate Program

Since virtually everyone participates in some form of leisure, the primary benefit of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (PRT) is to address quality of life issues. The unique interaction of people, places, and activities establish our profession as one of the world’s largest industries.

Students learn how to manage leisure service delivery systems by combining theory with practice. This degree is designed to prepare students for advanced positions in the parks, recreation, tourism and sport profession or admission into doctoral programs.

PRT Graduate Handbook (Word)

Participating Faculty

  • Michelle Brimecombe, PhD, Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Damon Hall, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Christine Li, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Dana Massengale, PhD, Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Mark Morgan, PhD, Associate Professor, Graduate Emphasis Area Coordinator
  • Sonja Wilhelm Stanis, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Jennifer Wentz, PhD, Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Shuangyu Xu, PhD, Assistant Professor