Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Program

A graduate degree in natural resources with an emphasis in soil, environmental and atmospheric sciences (SEAS) is designed to prepare students for professional careers in research, teaching or application of basic concepts of soil, environmental, and atmospheric sciences to air-plant-soil-water and other environmental problems.

Atmospheric science students participate in an area of research such as dynamic and physical meteorology, general circulation, global climate change, severe storms, remote sensing and applied climatology with emphasis on environmental and socioeconomic impacts. The program has a specialized computer data library that includes extensive long-term global and local observational records to support thesis and dissertation research. There are opportunities for joint research programs with the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Environmental science students may participate in research examining environmental quality, hydrology, watershed management and water quality emphasis areas.  The program has extensive analytical equipment and facilities for chemical, biological and physical analysis of water and earth materials as well as access to field sites to conduct research in agricultural, urban and undisturbed environments in various regions of the state of Missouri.

Soil science students participate in one of the following emphasis areas: environmental quality, pedology, soil chemistry and biochemistry, soil physics and conservation, or soil fertility and soil-plant relationships. Equipment for chemical, microbial and physical analysis of soils is maintained by the School of Natural Resources. Access to additional chemical analysis equipment, computing facilities, digital imaging equipment, field facilities, greenhouse space, radiochemistry and scanning electron microscopes is available within the University.

SEAS Core Participating Faculty

  • Tony Lupo, PhD, Professor, Atmospheric Science
    • Atmospheric and fluid dynamics, Climate dynamics, and Mathematics
  • Patrick Market, PhD, Professor, Atmospheric Science
    • Synoptics and mesoscale dynamics
  • Neil Fox, PhD, Professor, Atmospheric Science
    • Precipitation Observation and Microphysics
  • Jeffrey Wood, PhD, Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Science
    • Surface-Atmosphere Mass and Energy Exchanges
  • Stephen Anderson, PhD, Professor, Soil and Environmental Sciences
    • Environmental soil physics and vadose zone hydrology, Soil and water conservation
  • Morgan Davis, PhD, Assistant Professor, Soil and Environmental Sciences
    • Soil biogeochemistry
  • Ranjith Udawatta, PhD, Research Professor
    • Water quality, Agroforestry, Watershed management
  • Noel Aloysius, PhD, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering and Natural Resources
  • Gurpreet Kaur, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Soil Science
    • Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Affiliated Faculty

  • Kristen Veum, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor, Soil Science
    • Environmental soil microbiology; Chemical, physical, and biological soil quality