Water Resources Courses

Common Course Categories and Courses Offered

Aquatic Ecosystem Science
Environmental Science/Natural Resources 7100 Lake Ecology
Environmental Science/Natural Resources 7200 Stream Ecology
Environmental Science/Natural Resources 7300 Methods in Aquatic Ecology
Environmental Science/Natural Resources 8450 Advanced Limnology
Fisheries and Wildlife 8460 Wetland Ecology
Fisheries and Wildlife 7400 Techniques for Fisheries Management and Conservation
Fisheries and Wildlife 8550 Advanced Waterfowl Ecology

Climate and Meteorology
Atmospheric Science 7400 Micrometerology
Atmospheric Science 7590 Radar Meterology
Atmospheric Science 8001 Precipitation
Atmospheric Science 8400 Atmospheric General Circulation
Atmospheric Science 8600 Climate Theory
Atmospheric Science 9300 Chaos Theory
Environmental Biophysics ATM_SC 7520

Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Science 7318 Environmental Soil Chemistry
Environmental Science 8500 Chemistry of the Vadose Zone
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Soils/Plant Sci 7313

Hydrological Science and Water Quality
Atmospheric Science 7550 Atmospheric Physics
Environmental Science 7320 Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling
Environmental Science 7305 Environmental Soil Physics
Environmental Science 7306 Environmental Soil Physics Laboratory
Environmental Science 7450 Environmental Hydrology
Environmental Science 8400 Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone
Forestry 7390 Watershed Management and Water Quality
Natural Resources 7001 Environmental Hydrology

Required Course
Water Resources Graduate Seminar NAT_R 9087-08

Social Science
Stakeholder Engagement in Environmental Management & Research NAT_R 8001

Water Management Technology
Natural Resources 8290 Hydrologic Measurements and Synthesis
Atmospheric Science 7510 Remote Sensing for Meteorology and Natural Resources
Atmospheric Science 7590 Radar Meteorology
Atmospheric Science 9590 Advanced Radar Meteorology

Elective Courses
After considering the common courses (above), students may supplement their respective course plan with the following recommended courses. Other courses may be substituted as appropriate. It is understood that interdisciplinary Water Resources students course plan may require customization and therefore may consist of courses not provided below.

Civil Engineering 4001/7001 Environmental flow, mixing, and transport
Civil Engineering 7220 Hazardous Waste management
Civil Engineering 7230 Introduction to Water Quality
Civil Engineering 7240 Water Quality Analysis
Civil Engineering 7250 Environmental Regulatory Compliance
Civil Engineering 7290 Wastewater Treatment & Process Design
Civil Engineering 7710 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Civil Engineering 7700 Hydraulics of Open Channels
Civil Engineering 8001 River Mechanics and Sediment Transport
Civil Engineering 8200 Water Quality Modeling
Civil Engineering 8215 Environmental Transport Phenomena
Civil Engineering 8225 Aquatic Chemistry
Civil Engineering 8270 Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Civil Engineering 8295 Environmental Regulatory Policy
Environmental Sciences 7560 Observing the Earth from Space
Geography 7630 Fluvial Geomorphology
Geology 7100 Groundwater Hydrology
Geology 7130 Groundwater Modeling
Geology 7300 Introduction to Low Temperature Geochemistry
Geology 7500 Organic Geochemistry
Geology 8240 Hydrogeologic Processes
Geology 8400 Ancient Greenhouse Climate
Plant Science 7720 Aquatic Entomology