Undergrad Studies

Study at one of the leading education institutions in the nation emphasizing an integrated approach to understanding the natural environment, managing natural resources and enhancing the public experience at parks, recreation centers and sporting events.

Undergraduate degrees

  • Environmental Sciences
    A degree in environmental sciences combines interests in predicting and understanding weather patterns, monitoring environmental change, conserving and managing soil and biological organisms, assuring healthy streams and adequate water supplies, and improving environmental quality with the shaping of new policies and educating others about the natural environment and environmental issues. Emphasis options include:
    • Atmosphere
    • Land and Soil
    • Water
    • Outreach and Education
  • Natural Resource Science and Management
    Create, manage, conserve and restore natural and urban ecosystems sustainably, while meeting goals and needs of society. Apply what you learn to conserving plant and animal species in forests, grasslands, rivers, streams and in urban areas. About our program’s accreditationSee the Student Success metrics (PDF). Emphasis options include:
    • Forest Resources
    • Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
    • Human Dimensions
    • Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Parks, Recreation, Sport and Tourism
    The field of parks, recreation, sport and tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry. The market for professionals supporting these emphasis areas is robust in areas of sport business, sport marketing, game day operations, community recreation, park operations and management, and tourism development. Opportunities in this field of study are expanding and global. About our program’s accreditation. An accelerated BS in parks, recreation, sport and tourism to MS in natural resources program is available. Emphasis options include:
    • Sport Management
    • Recreation Administration
    • Natural Resource Recreation Management
    • Tourism Development

Minors and Certificates