The School of Natural Resources (SNR) has many scholarships available for full-time SNR students with appropriate academic and extracurricular activities. Some scholarships also require demonstrated financial need.  Scholarships awarded through SNR may be combined with other awards from the University of Missouri (MU) and College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

The MU Annual Scholarship Application (due by Feb. 1 for continuing and transfer students; Dec. 15 for entering freshmen) qualifies students for nearly all SNR, CAFNR and MU scholarships — only one application is needed.

Entering Freshmen

Freshman scholarships are awarded based on high school rank, standardized college entrance test scores (ACT or SAT) and extracurricular involvement. Completion of the MU Annual Scholarship Application is required for freshmen scholarships, and students who are new to MU must be admitted to the university prior to application. Scholarship application deadlines are posted by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Transfer and Continuing Students

Scholarships are also awarded to qualified continuing and transfer students who have filed a MU Annual Scholarship Application; please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid to determine application deadlines for continuing and transfer students. Transfer students must have one semester of MU credits to establish an undergraduate GPA before being considered for SNR scholarships.